Puzzle me

PS 22 Chorus.
This is my favourite Bjork song, Hoga. Teaching music must be the best job in the world. Look at the kids' faces- they're so committed and uninhibited.
Safe spaces and self expression.

All is full of love

PS22 Chorus.



Take a moment just for you. Remember you are small, but you are strong.

The calm ocean flows and recedes but over time it erodes. Life is a series of moments. They all add up to make something so much bigger. Make your equation a good one.


It's in his kiss

Definition of adorable.

Golden Toes

More shoe dreams. Handmade shoes from GoldenPonies.

Collecting Dresses

I've been collecting dresses, real and just images. Some I want to make, some I want to remake and some I just want to wear every day. What's your favourite dress shape? I have an 'hour glass figure' so I like anything that's nipped in at my natural waist. I'm still trying to figure out exactly how to sew for myself. It would be so much easier if I was all straight lines but, alas, it's not to be :)


Rain rain

Pink raindrops sounds about right. The weather was pretending to be spring summer-y for a few days but the last two have been rainy. I wouldn't mind so much if the raindrops were soft and plush instead of cold and wet.

Mobile from Leptitpapillon.



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