Morning Elegance

I love the simple concept of this video, it's beautifully executed. I'm sure it's based on my sleeping patterns. I am always adventuring in my sleep with limbs flailing, though not quite so elegantly. My poor sweetheart has become very good at dodging flying arms.

Oren Lavie via Black Eiffel


Le sigh

I wish I was as self possessed as gorgeous Clé at any age, let alone my teens.

images via fascinating le vestiaire de clé

APC Spring

Soft pinks, t-straps and brown boots. I wish her hair was on offer too.

via 2or3things

Star Mobile

I've been craving something whimsical for my ceiling and I think I've found the answer. A Moravian star mobile inspired by Stjarnkraft.

A step by step tutorial for making the stars looks meditative.

I'll let you know how it goes.


Pom-Poms for Pischis

The only toy my happy kitty has taken to in her five years is a pom pom that she tore from one of my slippers.

Bella Dia has posted a Pom-pom tutorial that looks simple enough for lazy me.

I've been in a making mood lately, paper flowers and sketches are taking over my small apartment. A whack of pom-poms will make a nice addition.


Two Thousand and Nine

My New Year's resolution is simple:

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