Take a moment just for you. Remember you are small, but you are strong.

The calm ocean flows and recedes but over time it erodes. Life is a series of moments. They all add up to make something so much bigger. Make your equation a good one.


It's in his kiss

Definition of adorable.

Golden Toes

More shoe dreams. Handmade shoes from GoldenPonies.

Collecting Dresses

I've been collecting dresses, real and just images. Some I want to make, some I want to remake and some I just want to wear every day. What's your favourite dress shape? I have an 'hour glass figure' so I like anything that's nipped in at my natural waist. I'm still trying to figure out exactly how to sew for myself. It would be so much easier if I was all straight lines but, alas, it's not to be :)


Rain rain

Pink raindrops sounds about right. The weather was pretending to be spring summer-y for a few days but the last two have been rainy. I wouldn't mind so much if the raindrops were soft and plush instead of cold and wet.

Mobile from Leptitpapillon.




Linen, Wool, Cotton

I have been lost in a whirlwind of fabric and thread this last week. Trying to figure out how patterns work, how each fabric type needs to be treated, making a big mess and listening to Anne of Green Gables has been life. I've come out of my sewing tornado for now with a ton of little projects all wrapped up, a couple of big ones finished well and one still in pieces. My back hurts from leaning over my sewing machine!

This book has the loveliest tutorials. The projects are simple classics, the kind of thing you want to have around the house but can't really buy.


Back Alley Wander

Went for a walk in the Westend last week and we decided to take the road less traveled. I found all kinds of cool shapes and textures and colours in the alleys and this set is the result.
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