On Creativity and its Source

Elizabeth Gilbert expounds on the creative process, its roots, incarnations and the weight of creativity on the creative.

I related so well to this talk, and not just in terms of creativity. There is a lot to be said for displacing blame, externalizing it and allowing yourself less responsibility.

I often miss my 'inspirations' in the same way, they pass me by, flying through the back of my head and out the front unless I'm quick enough, determined enough to hold them still while I transcribe. Not in such grand fashion of course, but what a notion to blame those misses on the impatience of a daemon rather my own slippery mind.

I don't have a TV and TED is my answer to cable's Discovery Channel. Attending the conference, or (gulp) speaking at one is on my list of amazing-things-that-I-would-love-to-do about three spaces up from swimming with sharks. The sharks I have ticked off and they were surely far less intimidating than a room full of people followed closely by top notch genii. It's like Joni Mitchell said so wisely, we couldn't see the value of the daemon until its lack has stretched out across history.

Christopher Kane


Graphic Loose Knit from Jak & Jil

From one of my favourite fashion photography blogs, Jak & Jil. Tommy Ton has such a great eye and always posts fun tidbits about the reality of the fashion week gods.

Her sweater is gorgeous, looks like Rodarte. Which I may be a little obsessed with.

Fall 2008 RTW was full of gorgeous knits:

A Rat Named Bug

Oh my! I have never seen anything cuter than Jessica Florence's sweet rat Bug and her tiny collection of teddy bears.

My brother bought me a pair of rats for Christmas one year, without my parent's consent I might add. One was golden blond with dark brown eyes, the other was white with pinky red eyes. My brother was told they were both boys, however, a few weeks later they became twelve! I was such a happy kid, a nest filled with wriggly soft babies to play with. They were so small and sweet. My parents were, on the other hand, not very pleased to have such a disparity in the rat to human ratio in our house. So, mummy rat and babies were all given away and we kept blondie boy for ourselves. He soon became one of my parents favourite ever pets, he was so clever and affectionate. Seeing these pictures of Bug has made we wish I had the space to get another rat for me and my love. I don't think my princess cat would like that too much, she is very spoiled only child pet. For now, I'll be following Jessica's photo stream with envy.


Penguin Great Ideas

While picking up a book at Chapters last week, I was sidetracked by a shelf full of
Penguin Great Ideas books. I am completely guilty of judging a book by its cover, maybe not in reading it, but certainly in bothering to buy it and give it a home on my bookshelf. I wish these were standard on my book list and university, I would be much happier shelling out hundreds of dollars if the books could double as art. Why must textbooks be so ugly?

A Get Happy Musical Interlude


What is this?

Have you ever felt this way?


Rodarte Fall 2009

Dreamy Rodarte Fall 2009


Happy Go Lucky

I saw Happy-Go-Lucky last fall and fell in love with Poppy. All I wanted to do for weeks after was jump on a trampoline, I still do now and I'm sure it would do wonders for my attitude. It's such a spirited and unexpected movie. Go see it. I know you'll love it.



Zara is my guilty pleasure. There is a two storey store a few blocks from my apartment and it is a cruel temptress. They always seem to have at least three things I didn't even know I needed and their price point is so often exactly what I'm willing to part with.

I should have sent Zara a Valentine, I'm a not so secret admirer.

A Double Silhouette

I ♥ the Sartorialist

Resting on a Bush

I love this image by Yijun (Pixy) Liao, it reminds me of my sweetheart's Mum who can't help but hug bushes of flowers.

20x20 via SwissMiss


Colour on White

I love Lili Diallo's use of colour and unexpected, imperfect combinations of texture. Burnt orange, indigo blues and white is my current favourite mix.

Images via Domino.


Happy Valentine's Day

I love my life with you darling <3



I've always romanticized glasses, always wanted them and, recently, my eyes have agreed by deteriorating into nearsightedness. The lucky little girl in me has had a very fun first year of wearing glasses. I've collected many images of four-eyed girls over the last few years for inspiration. It seems I'm particularly drawn to blonds in chunky tortoiseshell frames.

These are my current favourite pair:

And I've just ordered these as a backup:

Hooray for online glasses shops!
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