On Creativity and its Source

Elizabeth Gilbert expounds on the creative process, its roots, incarnations and the weight of creativity on the creative.

I related so well to this talk, and not just in terms of creativity. There is a lot to be said for displacing blame, externalizing it and allowing yourself less responsibility.

I often miss my 'inspirations' in the same way, they pass me by, flying through the back of my head and out the front unless I'm quick enough, determined enough to hold them still while I transcribe. Not in such grand fashion of course, but what a notion to blame those misses on the impatience of a daemon rather my own slippery mind.

I don't have a TV and TED is my answer to cable's Discovery Channel. Attending the conference, or (gulp) speaking at one is on my list of amazing-things-that-I-would-love-to-do about three spaces up from swimming with sharks. The sharks I have ticked off and they were surely far less intimidating than a room full of people followed closely by top notch genii. It's like Joni Mitchell said so wisely, we couldn't see the value of the daemon until its lack has stretched out across history.

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