Ugg A Wugg Ugg A Wugg Ugg A Wugg

I was obsessed with this version of Peter Pan as a kid. I loved that a girl could be a boy and that a grown up could be a kid, it is such a perfect embodiment of the perpetually young lost boys. Mary Martin has such great chemistry with the kids and she is such a joyful Peter. I hated Wendy though. When my friends and I pretended to be the characters I was always Peter, or Tigerlily.

The video taped version I watched over and over was awful quality, but I loved it anyway. Check out this awesome choreography below. I know that at least part of my lasting fascination with theatre and dance can be traced back to my studying of this production as a six year old. I should probably admit that the refusal to grow up thing really took root as well.

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