Adora Svitak at Ted

I watched Adora's talk without knowing who she was or what she has accomplished in her young life and I was surprised at how commanding she was in front of such a large and intimidating audience. Then I googled her and realized that this sort of thing is old hat for her. She's a published author, a teacher and a consultant for educators. The fact that she has experience, however, doesn't make her commanding confidence any less impressive. I love that a child is advocating for children, for the worth of imagination and idealistic belief. Watching her speak took me back to when I was younger and genuinely believed that world peace and saving the planet were possible if only we tried hard enough or all worked together. It made me miss the idealistic little kid who didn't believe in limits. Thinking like her might be a good plan for my present. If all things are possible, all things are possible.

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  1. Wow.. I am aghast at her maturity and sense of self..
    Thanks for sharing this! I love Ted Talks yet I've never heard of a "child" doing one. This has definitely changed my views on being "childish" and "acting like a child",
    I love your blog!


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