Sewing, sorta

I loved sewing in middle school. Coming up with strange little projects, sewing stuffed animals, pillows, head bands, whatever I could think of was a fun way to be creative. Unfortunately the sewing machine was always a little too cumbersome for me, the bobbin and I were not friends, so I gave up and moved on to other pursuits. Last week I saw an ad on craigslist for a vintage singer sewing machine. Mo wanted it immediately. So did I, despite the fact that neither of us really knew if we'd be able to get it working.

So, after picking up the monster from its former home, we are the proud owners of a very heavy piece of machinery that we have yet to figure out.

I may have found my first project, if I can unravel the inner workings of my lovely beast:

I recently stumbled across the lovely blog Between the Lines on Design*Sponge and was happy to find a tutorial for a lovely shopping bag made out of a recycled tshirt. It seems easy enough and if I can manage to sew a few relatively straight lines I will consider my new purchase a very good one.

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