I love the balance of a neutral beige coat with all that colour and the way the berry flows from head to toe. These gorgeous pictures are from Hanneli Mustaparta.

I've been wondering for a while why it is that turbans aren't seen more often. There was potential for them to become more mainstream with introduction of the jewel toned Prada turbans of 2007 but they didn't manage the usual runway-to-mallrat trickle down effect. Susie of Style Bubble does her own approximation here.

I only wear a scarf wrapped around my head once in a while, and never out on the town. But really, it seems the sort of thing that might do well on the street. Bad hair day? Who cares? Hack your favourite scarf and wear it as a turban. Problem solved.

P.S.: How to at vogue.com

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  1. I cannot believe I forgot to thank you for that video! Oh my goodness it was so awesome! I teach little kids that age how to hip hop and they certainly do not move like that but I am going to steal some of his moves to teach them. I love it and thank you!


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