That Fantastical Fox

Mo, Lou and I watched The Fantastic Mr. Fox last night.
Oh, it was so good! Like most of Wes Anderson's work. He always manages to create such eclectically whole worlds in his films. I have been a big Roald Dahl fan since I was a young enough to be terrified of The Witches, and I'm a big fan of stop motion puppetry too. I really loved the bandit hats, the signature snapping and whistles of the characters, the word 'cuss' used as a cuss, and perhaps most of all, the music by Alexandre Desplat.

Watch it, you'll love it. I promise!

Partially related side note: As a kid I managed to get the mice from The Witches conflated with the mouse from Beverly Cleary's the Mouse and the Motorcycle. Most confusing. But it did make me think that being a human stuck in the body of a mouse wouldn't be so bad if I got my own motorcycle.

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